Channeling is a completely natural form of communication.


Yep, that's right, completely natural. While just like any good form of communication takes practice and active listening, channeling the Divine is something that can be learned and is not a special talent or gift available to only a special few. It's not "woo-woo" or weird and you don't have to wear special robes or change your name to do it...unless you want to, anyway. Channeling information from high vibrational beings such as angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and other non-physical energies is simply another form of communication, and with a little practice can be a very useful part of daily life.  And since we're made up of the same energetic stuff that as these beings, what could be more natural and normal than opening up for a conversation?

Over the years I've honed my skills as an intuitive channel to serve as a conduit of information to help guide clients one-on-one and through my channeled weekly blog Messages From Over There. It is my intent to help everyone understand how powerful and uplifting connecting with these energies can be,  and the pages of this site will hopefully clarify what channeling is and why it's so useful. I  also offer a couple of tools to help you connect, including my new e-book Channeling the Divine, for Everyday Guidance, Insight & Inspiration.

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This Week's Focus2.15.15

How does settling for less than what we really want impact our getting what we really want?

To settle for that which is less desirable than what is originally desired sends a message to Universal life force that you do not view your desires as important. Whether it be a material item or the desired actions of another, to encourage one’s own happiness and wellbeing it is important to set an intention for the outcome of the desire, even if it is not available in the time in which one wishes it.    Read more...

- From Over There