People often ask me how I started channeling.

I've always been a bit sensitive, soaking up other people's energy and emotions like a sponge, though it still took practice, dedication, and openness to get to the intuitive level I am today.  

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It really all kicked into high gear over ten years ago while out to lunch with my then teenage daughter. Between bites I suddenly felt swirling around the top of my head, and the sensation that someone was trying to jump in. Needless to say, it was time to leave the restaurant. Thankfully my daughter had just gotten her driver's license so she could  drive us home.

About halfway there I made her pull over. I needed to open the car door, I needed air. All of a sudden I felt like I was suspended on a cloud, my head like huge balloon, and to quote the band Pink Floyd, "comfortably numb". Then, according to my daughter, I started speaking in a very sputtery voice, as if the words were having a hard time finding their way out. Basically the context of the conversation was that this is what I will be doing, I opened myself up for it, to not be afraid, and it would become easier with time.

Since that time I've used my skills to coach clients, teach classes on how to channel and  intuitive development, and authored a book and have another one the way. While choosing to open to channel may or may not necessarily be a career move for you, learning to connect with Divine energies will help give you greater insight and self-awareness. It will also help you understand your value in this world from a broader spiritual perspective. I know that each and every one of us has the same natural ability to tap into the vast intelligence out there - the intelligence that we are all made of.  I invite you to open up to that part of you, your spirit, that connects with this Divine intelligence. I know what it has done for me, and it is my wish for you.

                            With Love.