From the Universe, With Love

An excerpt from Channeling the Divine: For Everyday Guidance, Insight & Inspiration:

Have you ever had the experience of feeling guided by a power that seemed vast and wise? If you haven’t, then you’re about to. If you have, you’re about to do it on a deeper level. This is a book about channeling. That process whereby you allow an energy such as a Spirit guide to relay messages to you that are quite useful in navigating this dense sphere we call Earth. For some of you that may seem as normal as picking up your phone and calling a friend, though for others it may sound totally off-the-wall and unattainable. Whatever your current perspective, it is my hope that you keep an open mind and step bravely into the process. Doing so will give you the support to create a more peaceful mind and enrich your life in so many ways.

To explain a little more to those of you who are new to the subject, channeling is a connection to otherworldly energy that has wisdom or inspiration to share with you. Simply put, it is the ability to connect and communicate with non-physical energies. This is something that we all do to some extent, whether we are conscious of it or not. And although there are a few various definitions of channeling, my experience with this process is that it can occur while in a deep trance, it can come through seemingly “random” thoughts, in sudden bursts of inspiration or through creative flow.  

Channeling is a process of connecting on an energetic level with such high vibrational energies as guides, angels, ascended masters and other otherworldly Divine beings. Although this may sound overwhelming to some of you, I want you to understand what a completely natural form of communication it is by thinking about who you really are. You have a body, yes? And a Spirit, yes? While incarnated we’re both of these things, but remember that the body is only temporary and the Spirit eternal. Who you truly are is that part which never dies, never ages and never fades. That part that’s everlasting, your Spirit. So if you are Spirit, then why wouldn’t it be perfectly natural and normal to communicate with these wise energies who reside in the world of Spirit? Get my point?

As you begin the process of opening up, it’s important to understand about the various levels of channeling. With deep trance channeling you allow yourself to go into a trance-like state, very much like deep meditation. It involves pulling a high vibrational energy other than your own into your consciousness allowing your energy “steps aside”, and the being to communicate through you. In a way, it’s like lending your body and vocal cords to someone else. It feels very similar to a dream-like state where you experience the information as it’s coming through, but may forget it shortly after regaining full consciousness. Your voice and mannerisms may change, and I’ve actually witnessed individuals either gaining or losing an accent.

Another way to channel is what I call conscious channeling, where you remain fully alert yet are able to pull in information, much like receiving a radio signal. This is the kind of channeling I’m referring to when I mention random thoughts, bursts of inspiration and creative flow. It’s also how I channel when I’m doing an intuitive session with a client. This way, I’m able to engage more fully in conversation and quickly answer any questions they may have. The information presents itself depending on your own personal style of communication. It might come in a stream of information that appears very much like your own thoughts, or you may actually hear words as if someone is speaking to you. It can also come through visual images or through feeling an intuitive gut reaction. Oftentimes I receive messages through a phrase or song popping into my head, or through images which can be taken as symbolic or literal. Just be open to what comes through and remember that not everything needs to be taken literally. For instance, in one client session I kept seeing an image of a duck swimming around in circles all by itself in a big pond. What came through was that she was feeling completely unsupported and overwhelmed at work, very much like a lone duck swimming in a big pond. If I hadn’t learned to stay open to the metaphor I may have incorrectly suggested that she needed to visit a duck pond!

Channeling information through Divine inspiration and creative expression is another wonderful way to connect. Have you ever been in “the zone”, where everything seems to flow easily? It feels effortless. I’ve seen this occur countless times when someone is doing something they love, or doing it just for the joy of it. This is when you’re in alignment with your true Spirit, and it makes you a mighty fine conduit for receiving messages from Divine intelligence just waiting to be heard.

 Your first experience with channeling may be subtle or profound, easy or a little overwhelming. It depends on how intuitively open you are, and whether or not you allow fear or doubt to get in your way. My own personal experience was definitely a little on the overwhelming side, and happened while out having lunch with my then teen-aged daughter. At the time we were living in a fairly conservative town and I hadn’t yet felt comfortable enough with my spiritual beliefs to come out of the “metaphysical closet”. Mid-conversation and between bites, I suddenly had a sensation of something swirling around my head. I became incredibly dizzy, and it felt – oddly enough – like someone was trying to jump in through the top of my head. I knew that something was happening that I wasn’t quite ready to display for public viewing, so we quickly paid the bill and got out of there. Thankfully, my daughter had just gotten her driver’s license, since me driving was not an option.

About halfway home I made her pull over. I needed to open the car door, I needed air. Suddenly I felt as though I was suspended on a cloud. All-in-all, not such a bad feeling. Then, according to my daughter, I started speaking in a very sputtery voice, as if the words were having a hard time finding their way out. The gist of the conversation was that I had opened myself up to this connection and I would be using it to help myself and others, and to not be afraid since it would become easier with time.  The energy coming through introduced itself as the Archangel Gabriel, which I had a very difficult time assimilating for quite a while. An Archangel? Really?! I had not been brought up with any religious affiliation, only attending church when weddings or funerals warranted it and wasn’t even sure what an Archangel was. It all seemed a bit bizarre, to be honest.

What followed were many “am-I-totally-out-of-my-mind” talks with a few very select spiritually open-minded friends to make sure I was not completely losing it. I am eternally grateful for these people. There were not a lot of folks in my life at that time that could respond to what I was saying with as much calm as if I were telling them about what I had for dinner the previous night. They truly saved my sanity.

Since then, I’ve learned how to control my connection by simply calling on the energies for a conversation. I am able to sit down and invite them in if I want to go into trance, or I can receive messages throughout the day while remaining fully conscious. And this is what I want for each of you, to be able to interact with these amazingly kind and supportive energies to help enrich and elevate your life – without feeling like you’re losing your grasp on reality.

One thing I’ve learned over the years while working with these wise beings is that they are more than happy to help, and truly want to. They have frequently relayed that they are honored to offer support and guidance – that this is a part of their own purpose – and that we are all part of a unified existence. Use the information and exercises in this book to help you gain a clearer and deeper connection with these supportive energies. Let them help expand your consciousness and guide you to greater happiness and inner-peace. 

To learn more check out Channeling the Divine, for Everyday Guidance, Insight & Inspiration. Thank you!