People are saying...

I've been blessed with the most amazing clients. Here is what a few of them have said about sessions with me, my book and blog, and my aromatherapy blend. All I can say is a big THANK YOU!

Intuitive Sessions:

"Mollie’s gentle manor and insightful comments gave me new hope and ways to take action for moving my life forward from a very stuck place. I needed the sweet and beautiful way that she presented the information, and felt that I was able to access this guidance even more deeply because of the way she was with me. I think she is a remarkable woman, and a talented person on many levels... and the channeling work she imparts is extremely helpful!"  -Teri Bigio Berling, Novato, CA

“I have known, loved and respected both Mollie and her work for nearly a decade. When I think back to some of the most difficult times in my life, I often wonder how different they may have turned out if I did not have Mollie's kind words, sincere attention and the strength of her guidance. Sessions with Mollie are so seamless and natural, it's as though she knows you better than you know yourself. Her insight allows me to explore my own truths, and her energy clearing allows me to begin healing and moving forward. Mollie's spiritual connection is amazing, and she is truly a gift.   – Tami S., Eastvale, CA

“Mollie is a gifted intuitive and healer. Gentle, respectful and knowledgeable, she can help you melt away stuck places and reveal the gifts in even the most painful moments. Mollie also knows that sometimes laughter is the very best medicine, and I just love that most of our sessions included giggles and light-heartedness - even when we were working on some deep, tough issues. You're in good hands with this one!” – Shannon Crossman, Sausalito, CA

"I am very grateful that Mollie chooses to share her intuitive gift with us.  In all of the sessions I have had with Mollie in the past several years, I have been able to come away with a lot more insight and perspective on the issues I bring up; and most importantly, shed more light on who I am.  Her guidance helps me with finding the answers within myself.  She is compassionate, generous, and funny in her advice.  I always look forward to her sessions."   - Trish A., CA

“I have been consulting with Mollie for over three years now. She has helped me through many challenging times with her very intuitive readings. She came highly recommended to me and I continue to pass on the recommendation to clients and friends alike.” - Carol R., Berkeley, CA

"Mollie is the real deal. I have enjoyed and been moved by the profound wisdom from our channeling sessions. They've helped me and my family tremendously. Plus, these loving and wise messages of Spirit speak in a language you'll understand and be able to translate into action. They offer you a blueprint for understanding and implementing your own destiny. I trust that you will benefit as well." - Natalie Q., San Rafael, CA

"I believe that the human healing process is similar to peeling an onion; we continue to peel back the layers to reach the core and light of our being which is who we are not what we do. Mollie inspires you to look at things in a new way to gain a more useful perspective. I am living proof of this. All I know is when I decided to sincerely commit to my healing journey Mollie was the one person I wanted to help me."  - Shelley Opsal, San Jose, CA

"I began consulting Mollie a couple of years ago, and as a physician, this was a completely new experience for me. I found the information coming through not only wise, but incredibly benevolent." - Dr. Lynne Zimmerman, Las Vegas, NV

“I, and my partner, have found Mollie's readings to be very thorough, compassionate, and informative. She gave past life insights that made so much sense to me and have really helped some dynamics in my life.” - Dana S., San Francisco, CA 

Book & Blog:

“For years I have enjoyed your life insight and common sense teaching thru emails and then your blog, so when I saw your first book was available I jumped on the chance for a big dose of Mollie energy and bought it! The book did not disappoint I am about in the middle (due to heavy duty savoring of content) and all  I can say is thank you Mollie, your vision, clear thinking and spiritual-ness have greatly added to the quality of my life, your book is no exception!  Thank you and I love you!”   - Jeani King, Livermore, CA

“Mollie is a gift through her writings and her interactions with clients. I'm a big fan of her blog, so as soon as her book came out I bought a copy. What I love about Channeling the Divine is that it has something in it for anyone looking to connect on a deeper level with both benevolent energies and their own spirit. It provides information in a way that is easy to understand for the novice, and offers helpful tidbits for those with a seasoned spiritual practice as well. It is a practical and down-to-earth guide to an esoteric subject.” - Susan L., San Rafael, CA

“Thumbs up on your book, I am doing one of the meditations already and it is so wonderful. I have printed the book and am highlighting /flagging there is so much wonderful information that is so important to me. I am really enjoying your MP3 exercise I just got and look forward to all of them!!!  You’re an integral part of my life journey and a wonderful teacher!”  - Lauren J., Livermore, CA

“I purchased your book last night and I'm really enjoying it. Channeling the Divine is helping me understand the nuances of channeling... I believe my meditation practice will soon be 'reaching new heights' thanks to your teachings. I am also an avid reader of your blog, Messages From Over There, and find the information timely and useful each week. Thank you!” - Dee Alfonso, Danville, CA

“Thanks for writing all of the insightful messages each week. They rule!”   - Jena Rockwood, San Rafael, CA

“I am so grateful that Mollie posts her Messages from Over There each week! I am never at my best on Mondays, but each time I take the time to read Mollie’s blog in the morning, my attitude and outlook are miraculously transformed.  She is gifted at lifting spirits as well as teaching ways to overcome areas in our lives we are struggling with.  Her blog post on procrastination is a case in point.  I finally was able to cross off my list a project that has been looming over my head for a year.  I was even able to ask for help (always a struggle for me) after I completed it with regards to editing.  Thank you!”  - Amy Conger, Livermore, CA  


“What I appreciate about this (Higher Meditation & Channeling Blend) blend is that it not only smells wonderful, it also helps calm my mind when I'm ready to meditate." - Susan L., San Rafael, CA

"I am so grateful to Mollie for concocting this scent! (Higher Meditation & Channeling Blend) It makes me feel so good that I have adopted it as my daily perfume -- on my skin, in my hair, I wrap myself in this gorgeous fragrance as if in a precious garment that I can't get enough of. I am VERY picky about using fragrance since most perfumes give me headaches. I've been known to typically wear nothing at all, since finding MY scent it typically has been a fruitless quest for me. Can you imagine my excitement at stumbling into this? Thank you, Mollie!”   - Laetitia Mailhes, San Francisco, CA 

“I typically don't wear anything with scent, but I love Mollie's Higher blend. I wear it daily with a little dab on my wrists, neck and the top of my head. I keep the bottle at my desk so I can take a deep inhale before I start working for inspiration, as well. I absolutely love it!  - Bridget Oates, Pacifica, CA